6700 Wickel Road, Burton, TX 77835

(979) 836-8156

Jesus is the vine; we are the branches in Greenvine. We are a church that feeds, a church that leads, a church that not only fulfills the needs of others but goes one step further and loves. Feeds, leads, and loves in a world where people need to hear the words that they are loved by God and loved by us. 

our mission

Greenvine Emmanuel Lutheran Church shows our loyalty to Jesus Christ through devotion in worship, excellence in education, and service that is faithful to the needs of our members and community.

About us

Greenvine Emmanuel Lutheran Church has been a part of the Greenvine community for 125 years. It is a congregation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Some of us have recently moved here or retired to this wonderful area of Washington County. Others of us have deep family roots here. But at our church, we are all a part of ONE Body of Christ. 

We are a place where people still know one another and care enough to get to know our new members. You and your family are encouraged to join with us in worship, education, fellowship, and service.

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Meet the staff


Donna Putman is a long-time member of Greenvine Emmanuel Lutheran that lives in Burton, TX. Her position as Church Secretary is part-time. Not only does she do the job as secretary, but helps wherever needed in the church, such as mowing and assisting in worship.


Deacon Cindy is a graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. She graduated in 2015 with her Masters in Diaconal Ministry. Currently, she is a final year student at Wartburg Theological Seminary and will graduate in December of 2021 with her Master of Divinity. She will then be ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in January of 2022. She began with Greenvine Lutheran Church in June of 2020 as an Intern and continues now as a SAM until December 2021. She is married to Ruben Robles, they live in Brenham, TX and have two Basset Hounds that accompany them.

Church Council

        Barbara Donnelly (President)

        Ralf Thiemer (Vice President)

        Judy Witte (Secretary)

        Connie Higgs (Treasurer)

        Luke Eckert

        Jimmy Eckert

        Kylie Antkowiak

        Karlie Weidemann

        Lee Sloan

        Mark Shepherd

Sermon Replays